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  • I'm creating a LibGuide and I found a couple poems that are posted on the Poetry Foundation site ( that would be useful to refer students.  Is it okay to link to this site, directly to the poems?  On their site it states that the poems were reprinted with permission. 

  • It's always OK to provide a link to a website, as long as it's not clearly an illegal filesharing site.  In this case, it's nothing like that.

    In general, there are no copyright implications for you libguide for providing the link.  If, hypothetically, the poems were posted on illegally, the only copyright implications would be for that site,  Your link would not lead you to any liability.

  • As a general rule, you do not need permission to include basic links to other websites on your own site. A URL itself is a fact and thus not subject to copyright protection. Using a brief amount of text from the other site as the linked text, as is typically done, also does not raise copyright issues, because a brief phrase rarely contains the requisite “modicum of creativity” to rise to the level of copyright protection.

    That said, “deep” linking (linking to a page within a site beyond the home page) sometimes raises other legal issues, such as if the Terms of Use/Service of the website prohibit it.

    Furthermore, using someone else’s image as a link may require obtaining permission – not because you’re using the image as a link, but because you are copying and publicly displaying it.

    Finally, using trademarks, especially logos or taglines, as links could raise issues of trademark or unfair competition. 

    Hope this helps!


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