Short story in a Collected Works

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  • Is it okay to scan a short story from a volume for an e-reserve?
    The story in question is Somerset Maugham's, P & O and the volume is
    The Complete Short Stories of Somerset Maugham Vol. 1. P & O is
    29 pages and Vol. 1 is 955 pages.

    (all apologies if this type of question has been asked on this board)
  • I have done this and believe it is legal in some cases (when I have said yes) but not in others (when I have said no).

    This is the important question that I ask myself and the teacher: If you knew that electronic reserve is illegal, would you put the collection on physical reserve or would you require your students to buy the collection? Of course, it's important to honestly answer this question.

    I think you need to have enough physical copies to cover the demand if physical reserve were used. If you would need 3 copies to cover the physical demand but only have 1, I would buy 2 additional copies before putting the item on electronic reserve.

    I'm out of time. If you want more detail, let me know.

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