Podcast fair use guidelines

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  • I’ve been using some CNN Student News podcasts in my classroom, and I’ve found some REALLY good stories embedded in the daily news show that I could see myself using in future years. The podcast system is setup so that when I view an episode, it is downloaded onto my computer thus procuring me a copy of the content. However, unless I specifically choose to delete the file, there isn’t really a time limit per say as to how long I can have the file.

    Ethically, I would feel the need to properly cite the source whenever using any of these video files or news reels. However, since this is something that is freely distributed and broadcasted (past episodes can also viewed online… I’ve found some from 2006), is this something I have to delete off my computer after a certain time frame? Or can I save it and file it in my folder structure with the lessons/materials I will use it with?

    I can’t find anything regarding this on the CNN website… any help would be most appreciated J
  • Do you have to click on a license agreement or terms of use statement before you can download the news program? If so, there are probably terms in the license that restrict your continued use of the news show.

    If however, the programs are available with no conditions and really exist for the primary purpose of education, I think you can retain the copy.

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