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  • Can a government researcher gather online news articles, reports, videos, and graphics and forward it to a wide audience to be used as the basis for topical information/background papers?

    Decision/Policy makers use the information/background papers and normally do not further distribute them outside of official government circles/online portals. Potential infringement?

    Example: an RSS feed from Google News or some other service.....a published online report from some private sector firm, NGO, author, etc.

  • I think we need a little more information to fully answer your question.

    It sounds like you're talking about gathering information that's freely available on the open web, and sharing it with a team that will be writing information/background papers. If that's the case, the best thing to do would be to share links to the content, without making copies of the material itself. It is always okay from a copyright perspective to link to material that's available online. But I'm not sure if this is what you're asking about.

    Do you want to copy material from the web and distribute a compilation of that material? Who is the "wide audience"? This situation is more complicated, copyright-wise. I can explain the issues in more detail if you'd like, but my first suggestion for sharing lots of web-based material with a group of people is to send links, or use a link-sharing site like

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