Circulating a Canadian film

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  • Our library recently contacted an independent filmmaker in Canada to purchase a documentary for our circulating collection.

    The filmmaker is stating that we need to purchase a library license rather than the home use version that we had ordered. We do not wish to publicly show the film, but simply check it out to our patrons.

    I know that it is an accepted convention that "home use" videos can be checked out by patrons for home usage. Is that specific to the United States?
  • I'm not sure, but this might not be a copyright issue, but more analogous to the practice many publishers have of charging more for institutional/library subscriptions to periodicals. In that case, I think that the higher rate is usually charged for anyone purchasing from an institutional address, or to anyone not eligible for a personal membership, regardless of use.

    I'm not sure of what other countries' standards might be in regards to lending videos, though.

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