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  • As a consultant, I will soon be doing a training session for college instructors in the use of some new online databases to which the college has subscribed. This college has never had anything like this before.

    In the packet of information I'm going to give them, I'd like to include a handout regarding copyright and the use of these resources. The databases are things like EBSCOhost, Proquest, that type of thing.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  • The first thing to determine is whether or not the license agreements that the college library made with the database vendors put any limits on end users. Some database providers have licenses that prohibit some uses that would be permitted under copyright law, and the terms of the agreement supersede the law.

    If there are no additional limits in the license agreements (I doubt ProQuest would have one, but I don't know about EBSCO), the copyright-related information that will be most useful to college instructors would be about fair use and additional educational exceptions to copyright law.

    Stanford's Fair Use website has a wealth of good information: I also like Peggy Hoon's "Know Your Copyrights" FAQ: Both would be good starting points to educate yourself and gather information for a handout.

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