Adding copyrighted items to a library collection

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  • Hello!

    I posted a similar question to this forum a few years ago, but I'm putting a different spin on it (sort of):

    I'm the Interlibrary Loan librarian at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and on occasions, our patrons make ILL requests for materials that would be of interest to our collection. For example, we just received a copy of a 1970 article about air traffic control training-- it was found in an educational journal. We wouldn't be interested in subscribing to the journal, and we wouldn't be interested in purchasing the journal issue (assuming the 1970 issue was available).

    So I'm looking for some practical advice, best practice suggestions on how to acquire these materials for our collection, but to be copyright compliant. We would want to add these materials for the purpose of distributing them to our patrons (adding them to our Vertical File), so we are not looking to make archival copies. We are a private, non-profit university.

    In the past, I have written to publishers, seeking permission in writing, and I have also used the Copyright Clearance Center to pay for permissions -- not just for ILL requests/articles that have exceeded the Rule of 5 (per the Contu Guidelines), but for just one article that would be added to the collection. But, I may be wrong in using the Copyright Clearance Center, or wrong in assuming that paying for permissions gives me the right to add articles to the library's collection.

    Thank you,

    Liz Davis
  • If you have paid royalties to the Copyright Clearance Center for a specific article, then you own a legal copy of that article and would be able to add to your collection. The same would be true if you purchased a back issue or purchased a reprint.

    If, on the other hand, you have obtained the article via ILL under the CONTU rule of five for a patron (one of your first five free copies), then you have not purchased permission to add that copy to your collection. You would need to pay CCC the royalties before adding to your collection.

    If a title is not available for permission via Copyright Clearance Center, you could contact the copyright owner directly to ask for permission to add to your collection.
  • Thank you!! I really appreciate it.

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