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  • Hello!

    There is a faculty member that wants to put a compilation CD on physical reserve -- he would like the students to be able to come into the library and listen to the CD. The CD has 7 songs (not samples of the songs, but the entire version of the songs) and they appear to be popular music (at least the one song that I recognized was a popular song right now).

    We are not sure how the faculty member came about making the compilation CD.

    Is it permissable to place this CD on reserve at the library? Does it violate fair use?


  • The MLA has a good guide to putting music on e-reserve: Check out their other statements and guidelines as well for further advice on reserves.

    Putting the whole song on reserve isn't a problem, whether it's regular reserves or e-reserves. The question to ask would be: Does the professor legally own a copy of these songs? If he, for example, burned them from a CD he owns, that's fairly safe. If he downloaded them illegally off the internet, not so good. Think about it as comparable to putting a photocopy from a professor's personal book on physical reserve.
  • Thank you for your response - I sincerly appreciate it.


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