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  • One of our agencies has been requested to digitize some video and post it on their website. Some of the video is under copyright. I think I have them pretty well set up to make the copyright determinations, but they would like to make up a form to use when permission of the copyright holder is required. Does anyone have any such templates to share, or know of a good place to find them? We have one sample in-house, but the agency would like to see more alternatives. Thanks!
  • There are a variety of sample forms, including a permission request letter, at this web page:

    I think that the Copyright Management Center at IUPUI used to have a good selection of samples, but I don't know if it is being maintained now that their director has moved to NYC.

    OK, so I just checked, and although the site says it will soon be taken down, it is still available and there is permission information at:
  • The resources that Kenneth Crews assembled at IUPUI have all been moved over to Columbia: This includes a section on requesting permission.
  • There are some sample permission letters on Making of Modern Michigan's web page:
  • I'm a bit tardy in this, but thank you, all, for the links.

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