Use of clipart in downloadable pdfs

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  • Hi
    Thanks for your advice on this...

    I run a website where teachers can download charts, worksheets etc for use in their classroom for a yearly fee.

    I make up the charts etc using clipart and wording on publisher then turn them into pdf.

    I have paid for a clipart service and after reading the terms of use assumed my usage would be ok - I have since found out it is not allowed via this clipart site.

    These charts and worksheets have been downloaded by quite a number of teachers.

    I have not had any complaints or anything but just wanted to be sure that all is ok copyright wise.

    There is a lot of them and I do not really want to change all of the pictures - I have since stopped using their clipart but what would your advice be for the clipart already used on the charts, worksheets etc.

    Do I need to go and change each one or is there a way I could pay for the ones I have used? It would be a huge job to change them all ( have since learned to check more clearly) I have asked the clipart site if there is a way to use their clipart for a higher fee but they say it is impossible....

    This has been a very tricky area for me and would appreciate all advice.

  • From what I see here, it seems like this would be a licensing issue, not a copyright one. Did you sign or click through on an agreement when you subscribed to the service? If so, I would recommend contacting an intellectual property attorney, especially if you want to continue using the clipart.
  • Hi Thanks Freya

    Yes, I did click on an agreement before I started using it. I have another clipart site I use which allows this and some of the images are the same on each site - I guess I am not sure if I should be really worried.

    I guess I cannot stop the teachers who already have used the downloads.

    I could go back and change the images (huge job) or just make sure I don't use anymore from now on....

    Thanks for your help Freya
  • I highly recommend Dover Publications book and CD sets for permission-free clip art and fonts. You can sign up for a weekly sampler and build up quite a library from their freebies. I've also used free clip art from the Microsoft site extensively, but they recently seem to have made it more difficult to download if you are on XP rather than Vista. Also you might try the Creative Commons site.

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