Umbrella site or license for showing videos

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  • I'm looking for provider for an Umbrella site license for showing videos from our collection. I tried the MPLC but they do not cover Universities. Any ideas? Thanks
  • Can you explain why you believe that the MPLC umbrella license does cover universities? This information page about the licenses -- -- says that it will cover public performances for "any organization."

    An umbrella license is unnecessary, of course, for university uses that fall with the exception for face-to-face teaching. But I need help to understand why the MPLC license would not cover other public performances on campus.

    Another alternative, however, which is used on my campus, is to rent the films to be publicly performed from the licensing agency Swank, which includes public performance rights in the rental fee. That does not, I suppose, address your question of a license to allow performances of material from your collection, since it involves obtaining a different copy for the performance. Swank may also provide an umbrella license, for all I know.
  • Thanks for the info. Actually, my director contacted them and said they did not provide services to Universities. That's why I offered to contact the network.

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