Is there any way to make my creation secured from getting ripped off?

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  • I have written one book on fiction. I want to publish it now so that everyone can come across my creation but I have one issue that someone can copy my creation which I don’t want so can anyone help me out to make my creation secured from getting ripped off.
  • A soon as you have your words on paper (or electrons on screen!), your work is protected -- you hold the copyright, which means anyone who copies it may be in violation of your rights. To be extra sure, you can register with the copyright office, but that's usually not necessary -- it can protect you further if you think you are likely to have legal trouble, but you don't have to do it.

    I think what would help you understand the whole process better is one of the copyright basics presentations you can access when our wiki comes up. You might be able to get to this one now -- give it a try:
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