Dial-a-Story and YouTube Copyright Issues

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  • I was researching information regarding Dial A Story and copy right issues.

    The library I work for currently uses Winsor Dial A Story. We have pre-recorded tapes that we change out each week, we also have the option of recording our own stories. Can you provide me with some information about the copyright issues we would encounter if we read and recorded our own books each week?

    Also can you tell me the procedure or what problems we might run into if we record stories being read and put on Youtube?

    Thank you for any information!!!

    Youth Services Librarian
    Columbus, MS
  • I'm not familiar with Dial A Story, but making an audio recording of a book is most likely infringing on the author's right to control derivative works. Circulating the tapes or putting them on YouTube just exacerbates the violation.

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