Performance of score for classic film segment

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  • We have a student who, as part of a required project, has written a music score for 4 minutes of a classic film. He will be required to show the re-scored film segment at a public performance.

    The question is: does he need (expensive) public performance rights in this case?

  • Is there a charge for attendees? Or is this more in the nature of a recital? I'm still not sure, but a free performance, and particularly the performance of what in a non-performing-arts class might be called a research project, would weigh more in the student's favor.
  • How "classic" is the film? Is it still under copyright?

    Also, I think that another argument for fair use would be that only 4 minutes is being used. I assume that this is four minutes of a full length feature, which would be a relatively small portion.

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