Photographic copyrights

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  • Hi there, can any one please give me a little guidance. I am currently collating my 30 year Elizabeth Taylor colection into a beautiful tribute coffee table book.

    Most photographs have been obtained fron exclusive estates and have never been published, some I have purchased the negatives and some are just general pic that I have taken of pieces of the collection.
    If I am unable to find the copyright to a photograph, what is the best thing for me to do ?, also if I have the copyright name, but are unable to locate the copyright can I simply credit the photographer in my works ?
    I would really appreciate any fed back, as I am only several weeks away from print.

    Much Kindest and best wishes,

    Wayne Griffin ( AUSTRALIA)
  • Simply giving credit to the photographer is no substitute for obtaining his or her permission to publish their copyrighted works. Also, some of the usual copyright exceptions (like fair use in the US) will be unavailable or much harder to claim because some of these works are unpublished. My opinion is that you should not publish this book without the explicit advice of your own lawyer, who will help you evaluate the circumstances of each photo.

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