copyright for out of business companies

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  • I am putting together a children's book. The illustration backgrounds are going to come from old and or discontinued wallpaper sample books. I have contacted some of the publishers of the sample books to gain the rights to use their samples.

    Some of the publishers are out of business. How would I go about gaining the rights to use samples out of those books? If the company is no longer an entity, do I need their permission still?

    If I cut shapes out of the samples, would that be considered altering to the point of non infringement?

    Thank you for your thoughts.
  • Im not an expert on these things at all but from what I know it a) depends on the country you're in and b) how long the work(s) in question have been out of publication. If youre lucky the copyright has ceased but hopefully, someone with more expertise can chime in here.
  • Thanks for the reply 8Focus. I am in the US. I think that the books have been out of circulation for about five years or so...

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