Music and School Networks/Computers

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  • I am grappling with the issue of teachers downloading via the
    Internet, personal Cd's or school purchased media music and saving
    these songs on either a school computer or the school network. The
    teachers claim that the songs are used to "teach" their curriculum.
    The subjects range from music to science to library services.

    1. Can a teacher make a personal purchase of Cd's or song downloads
    and store the music on either a classroom computer or the school
    server and use this music for teaching purposes?

    2. Does the answer to question one change if the purchase is made by
    school finances?

    3. Can a teacher bring in a personal CD and play the entire CD during
    a class activity?

    Thank you for your suggestions and information.
    R. Miller
    Director of Technology
    District in Connecticut
  • Here's my opinion on these questions.

    1. Probably.
    2. Probably not.
    3. Probably.

    In a face to face classroom setting, teachers have fair use and educational exemptions to back up their claims. It would be more problematic if the instructor was copying these songs for the class or making them available online, but 110(1) is pretty broad. 110(2) for electronic works isn't nearly as broad, but provided you meet those requirements you might qualify for those exemptions as well. That part is a bit more complicated.
    Georgia Harper has an overview for 110(2)

    IANAL, though.
  • For what it's worth, I tend to agree with cjovalle.

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