Estimating clearance fees for long-term educational use (online course module)

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  • Hello!

    Former CAN Copyright Scholar here from way-way-back-when who has been absent from this forum for much too long, but I thought of it right away when presented with the following challenge...

    A faculty member at my institution is working on a project funded by our state Board of Education. The project involves the development of an online advanced high school Spanish language course. Access to the course will be provided via a password-restricted site to students across the state.

    I'm encouraging the faculty member to use OER and other openly licensed content as much as possible, but she feels she'll want to include various types of copyrighted content in the course as well--i.e., contemporary pop culture artificats such as images, artwork, music/sound recordings, podcasts, film clips, etc. Some of this will very likely qualify as fair use, but she also has a budget line for clearances or licenses for anything that isn't covered by fair use. The Board of Education also wants the online course to be usable for at least 10 years, so any permissions/clearances will need to be valid for at least that long.

    The faculty member needs to provide an MOU for the project by May 1, including a preliminary budget estimate for permissions/clearances. She's asked for my help with this, but I've never worked with licenses or clearance fees for anything with such a long project scope (or variety of content). I was hoping someone on this list might have experience with a similar project and be willing to share their experience, provide tips on how to estimate the amount that might be needed for clearances, etc.

    I'd be very grateful for any help remotely along those lines. I'd also be interested in referrals to any freelancers or with experience doing this type of rights-clearances work (or agencies who can connect my faculty member with such freelancers).

    Thanks very much,

    Rick Davis
    Towson University

  • hello Rick:

    Long time, no see.  Perhaps my colleagues will chime in, but I don't have an answer to your question. I would ask the OER community. I'm guessing that there is a blog.  Or call CCC and ask them the "going rate" for a year's long permission. They may be able to provide a guess.


    Good luck



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