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  • Normally I would direct this question to the web master, but I can find no link.  I would like to embed this site's "copyright slider" into a libguide for my law school class on copyright law, but the site isn't working.  Instructions for embedding the slider are at  My site is at  Is anyone else having this trouble or know if the site is down for maintanence?

  • So is the issue that multiple instances are showing up on your page? I tested the embed code on a libguide and did not get that result.

  • I am also having issues with the Digital Copyright Slider, and I use it to send to patrons all the time.  The slider won't load at all and I don't want to send someone a link that doesn't work.  Does anyone know who to contact to fix this?

  • I apologize for the problem you encountered. I contacted our webmaster and he was unable to duplicate the issue. He said, "I can only assume it is caused by the security and/or network configuration at the user's university. You might try asking the user to pull up the slider on another computer (at their home or on another network) and see if it works there?"  It does require Flash also. 

    He also acknowledged that the slider is a few years old now and a little dated. We are looking into rebuilding it using a more modern approach. 


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