Usage rights for PBS documentary?

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  • Hi,

    A professor I work with would like to show this documentary for educational use. He called PBS about rights, but they didn't get back to him.

    It looks like you can rent it through YouTube as well:

    What do you suggest we do to make sure it's okay to show it on our campus? It seems like it may fall under fair use but I'm not positive.





  • If PBS did not respond in time and if there weren't a better source, I wouldn't have a problem purchasing this through YouTube. I took a look at their Paid Service terms under "License,", and I don't think their license specifically prohibits this type of use.Though they're saying you don't have public performance rights, a classroom is not a public performance. There are exceptions in Section 110, and if these don't cover it, the use could fall to fair use, especially given the lack of response by PBS.

    I say "purchase" because rental isn't that much less expensive and use is limited to a few days.

  • I think Cindy's idea about purchase is an excellent one! Then you have PP rights via Section 110!

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