Online reproduction of copyrighted images

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  • I am a librarian in the nonpartisan research office of a state legislature. The office would like to reproduce, on its website and on Twitter, digital maps created by other sources (other government offices, private think tanks, news organizations, etc.). The goal is to provide useful information for legislators and their staff.


    The office would like to have a dedicated “maps” page on its website and update it regularly. There would be little or no commentary added, just a brief descriptive caption for each map. The maps would not be altered, but for interactive maps, only a screenshot would be reproduced and a link to the original interactive map provided.


    The map-focused tweets would be interspersed among tweets on other topics, on the office’s general Twitter feed.


    In both cases, the maps would always be attributed and there would always be a link to the original online publication.


    Some of these maps could be copyrighted. So, I would like some clarification on whether our contemplated uses would be considered fair use. Some questions that have occurred to me are: Would our uses of these images be considered “transformative” enough? Would there be any difference between a dedicated webpage that compiles maps from various sources, and a Twitter feed that includes only some tweets of this type? How might the whole of the original work be defined when the map was not originally produced alone, but as part of a report? Would we have to make sure the attribution line was embedded in the image?



    Any insights you are able to provide would be appreciated!

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