Using burned cd compilations in library programs

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  • If I use itunes to burn a compilation of recorded music from different CDs that my library owns, and use the compilation cd at a library progam, is that a violation of copyright, or is that permissible?  Thanks,

  • It is likely a violation of contract law. When you registered for itunes, you agreed to an end user agreement that probably limited your use of the songs to "personal, non-commercial." 

    Having said that, we know that teachers and librarians frequently use itunes for classroom teaching purposes, sometimes being unaware of the license agreement.  It is a low risk activity, becuase for the most part, itunes doesn't care what libraries and schools are doing with music. But it is a contract violation.

    You need to decide whether or not to take that risk.  If the songs were only available on itunes, if it were me, I would go ahead and make the compilation tape. 

    Good luck!

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