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  • I received a request from a patron for an electronic article that he is going to use to do paid research for an attorney for a court case. I don’t think I should try to fill this because the purpose is not for “private study, scholarship, or research.” Is my understanding of copyright correct? How would others handle this? Thanks.

  • Staci:

    First sorry for the delay in responding, you have already probably made your decision. I believe you are correct in your assessment unless there were extenuating circumstances to such a degree that one could argue fair use.  The patron could get the article by contacting the publisher.   

    On the other hand, you do not always know why a patron is requesting an article.  So if you did not know that the use was commercial, you would just go ahead and get the article.  That's okay too because you had no reason to think that the patron was requesting the article for anything but private study, scholarship or research.

    Hope this helps!








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