Faculty using Youtube instructional videos for classroom use in a for profit institution? I am not sure if this is permissible, and can only find the Teach Act covering non-profit institutions.

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    Is is fair use for faculty to show YouTube video clips that are instructional or documentary in a for-profit higher ed institution? I can only find allowances for non-profit under the Teach Act, and am wondering if this falls under commercial use and requires creator permissions. 

  • Hello.

    Using YouTube video clips for educational purposes in a for-profit educational institution might be fair use.  It would depend on the situation.  For example, using a short portion from a video for instructional purposes might be fair use considering the four factors of fair use (Section 107)

    Do you know fair use?  It should be your best friend!

    Consider 1) the purpose of the use, 2) the nature of the publication used, 3) amount of the work used, and 4) effect in the  market for the work. 

    Go to the Copyright Genie to conduct your own analysis http://librarycopyright.net/resources/genie/

    Use the fair use checklist https://copyright.columbia.edu/basics/fair-use/fair-use-checklist.html

    Buy a "is it a fair use?" folding card. www.memorycard.com/american_library_association

    Good luck!


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