Can we legally stream a film from Amazon for a program if the Director gives us permission?

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  • A staff member wants to show an educational documentary for the upcoming eclipse.  She contacted the Director who gave her permission to download and show the film.  It looks like Amazon is the only one who has the film, and we would have to purchase and download a copy, or stream it from Amazon Prime.  Does the Director's permission trump Amazon's EULA?

  • Hello. Technically, the adminstrator's go ahead does not trump the end user license agreement with Amazon, meaning that the video can only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. You should read the license to make sure.

    If you go ahead and use the video anyway, you would be breaking the license agreement.

    These licenses are problematic for libraries and education.  We have been unsuccessful in getting a written agreement from Amazon for institutional licenses.  But librarians have called and Amazon personnel have said "no problem."  Of course, these staff people may not be in a position to grant such rights.

    Some librarians use the videos anyway, knowing there is a low risk associated with the use.  But if you do this, you will break the license agreement.

    Ultimately, it is your call to make.

    Hope this helps.





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