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  • We had a request to put in Instructor's Evaluation copy on course reserve.   There is the typical "Not for resale" indication, but there is also a statement of “availability to students will destroy the integrity of the work and is prohibited” which is giving us pause.   While I have asked for clarification from the faculty of why they are putting this edition on course reserve (vs. the student edition) I believe it does fall under fair use.   Ethically I am not so sure it is a good idea, but I am not sure there is legal ground to this statement, unless of course there is some agreement between publisher and faculty member.    Am I missing something?    Thanks - Jan

  • I don't think this is a copyright issue - more of an ethical concern.  The instructor is choosing to put this version on research and may not think or may not care about the "availablity to students.." statement.  Or there could be a good reason that the instructor is choosing to do so. 


    I would let it be and lean toward intellectual freedom.


  • Thank you Carrie!  Much appreciated and always helpful to confirm my thinking.  As an FYI, the contacted faculty member did not realize that the copy was an instructor's edition!  It did not go on reserve.    

    Thanks again! 

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