How do I Copyright Song's I Have Written ?

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  • Hello Everyone,

    What Agency Do I Have To File Through To Get My Song's Copyrighted ?

    Can I Mail The Song's  Registered Mail to Myself and have that serve as a copyright ? 

    Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,




    I didn't find the right solution from the internet.




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  • All material goes through the US Copyright office. They have all the forms on their website to file electronically.



  • Also, anything created today is automatically copyrighted upon creation/fixation (recording).  BUT, if you want to be able to sue if it is infringed, then yes, you could go through the US Copyright Office to register the song/recording.



    Sara Benson

    Copyright Librarian, University of Illinois Library

  • Hi.  Songs are copyrighted automatically on creation... as is everything today (the copyright laws no longer require "formalities" such as registering with the copyright office).

    But, you may wish to formally register the copyright because that further protects you against infringement--it permits you to sue and to get larger damages if someone steals your work.




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