Can I use the term 'May the FORCE_Point be with YOU'

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    Hi All,

    just wanna if i can use the phase 'May the FORCE_Point be with YOU' in partner activities in APAC area.

    would like to know if it is trademarked by anyone? thx.


    also, the terms, 'For my ally is the FORCE-Point, and a powerful ally it is'. 

    Surely, i wont quote or put picture of Yoda directly



    Sam Fok




  • Hello Sam:

    I don't have the expertise to answer your question.  What I do know is that trademarks are used to identify the "real thing."  If soup companies used Campbell trademarks that would be a violation and would confuse a customer.  I don't think your use of the phrase would confuse people into thinking your event is Star Wars.  

    Others may know more.



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