Program name and trademark

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  • We currently have a program for babies called Babypalooza. We have used that name for at least 4+ years. We recently did an Instagram post to market the program using the hashtag #babypalooza. We had a comment that was just a question mark from a non-profit corporation. Upon further inspection they put on baby and maternity expos in Alabama (my library is in Ohio). I am assuming their question mark was as to the name of the program since their expo is named that. I looked them up and they have an active trademark as of Dec 2017. My question is, do we have to change the name of our program? We have not received any other communication from them regarding our program name. 

    Thanks for the help! 

  • This forum focuses mostly on copyright rather than other intellectual property questions related to trademarks or patents. I do not have any expertise on trademarks, but this primer on trademarks from the United States Patent and Trademark Office provides information on conflicting trademarks that may be helpful in answering your question.



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