Music Copyright from Asia?

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  • Hello Sir,

    I would like to know about the copyright from other country.

    1. Could I make Music Copyright from Asia's Country :?:
    2. Where can I get International Copyright for Music :?:

    Im waiting for ur expert advice.

    Thanks and Regards,
  • I don't quite understand your question, sorry. ^_^
    IANAL, here goes...

    There's no such thing exactly as an "international copyright," but treaties do exist across countries related to how they treat each other's copyright. Much of copyright law depends on the domestic law of the country you're in. If the country is a signatoree of the Berne Convention and/or WIPO's General Agreement of Tarriffs and Trades, then you can probably make some generalizations- one of the first is that the copyright will be protected in each member country as if the work originated in that country.

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