How do I Copyright Videos I Have Written ?

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  • Hello Everyone,

    What Agency Do I Have To File Through To Get My Song's Copyrighted?

    Can I Mail The Song's  Registered Mail to Myself and have that serve as a copyright? 

    Any Idea, Suggestions would be appreciated,




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  • Good Morning -

    Under U.S. law you do not have to register to "get" copyright - copyright exists automatically in an original work, such as your song, as long as the song is creative and fixed. You can put a copyright symbol or the word “Copyright,” your name, and the year for an initial step.

    However, if you want to register the work officially, to enable more control and potential enforcement of your work, you can register with the U.S. Copyright Office.

    Many of these issues are covered in "Circular 1, Copyright Basics" and “Registering a Copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office SL-35,”, which provides more detail about registration procedures.

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