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  • Classroom teachers have access (through their own logins) to the online materials on a textbook publisher's website. Can district curriculum staff use a teacher's login information, download materials from the publisher's website and post them to a district curriculum site (that is password protected) for all teachers to access?




    It is likely that the teachers agreed to "terms of use" when they signed-up for an account through the publisher’s website. I would encourage you and/or the teachers to check these terms of use to see if:


    1. Login/Password sharing is allowed, and
    2. If posting these materials to the district curriculum site is allowed.


    I include the second recommendation because I have help teachers review use options for these types of materials before. Some publishers are very generous and allow for the broad sharing of such materials, while others have very strict rules regarding how works can be shared (print and/or digitally) and with who (only students enrolled in the course, others in the department. etc).


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