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  • Hello all.

    The OITP Copyright Advsiory Committee is starting a new program to improve and then fully launch the Copyright Advisory Network. For over
    a year, we have been in a semi-test phase with the Network -- we have not promoted it a lot but people continue to use it. We think that's just great.

    But....we also realize that we need to have a more consistent response rate to queries. And we need more copyright expert types to participate.

    So, we are starting a new program - to recruit and train individuals willing to volunteer their own time to the Network to help respond to queries. Individuals selected will receive free training (beyond basic copyright), graduate, and become Copyright Scholars!

    We are asking for librarians who wish to be considered to send us a letter of interest. Tell us why you would like to become a copyright scholar and why we should choose you. We are looking for people who already have basic copyright knowledge. A plus would be a special expertise - knowledge of international copyright, music royalties and permission processes, a background in media - that sort of thing. First and foremost, selected indiviiduals must have a keen interest in copyright.

    Interested? Send your letter of interest to me via email Deadline: August 15th!!!

    The OITP Copyright Advisory Committee will read all of the submissions and select the lucky winners at the end of the August.

    It is our hope that the Scholar program will be successful - if so, we plan to add new scholars to the team in the future.

    Thanks for reading.
    -carrie russell, copyright specialist
    washington office
  • I'm pretty sure the email is ^_^

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