PowerPoint Slides Accompanying Textbook

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  • A professor at my college wishes to continue use powerpoint slides accompanying a previously-used textbook.  Absent any stated restrictions from the publisher, do others feel this qualifies as a "fair use" of the material?  The textbook and slides were legally acquired by the professor originally.  My impression is that the intended use is as a posted slide presentation (saved PP file) on a current course-management page.  It is not clear whether or not the publisher maintains a current link to the slide presentation that anyone can view (i.e., not needing a password that accompanies purchased copies of the textbook).

    Thanks in advance for those who share their view on this.

  • It would be good to know if a license agreement accompanied the purchase of the textbook and slides.  My understanding is that many textbook publishers are quite strict. For example, if there was a license, it might say that the power point slides can only be used when the textbook is purchased by students or currently being used.

    Let's say it was a straightforward sale.  I tend to think of it like the e-reserve dilemma. When does a use become not fair when the work is used repeatedly every semester. On the other hand, if a use was fair the first time, it's always fair.  On first blush, I would tend to be on the more conservative side and say at some point, re-use becomes problematic when there is no relationship with the original textbook.

    Another question is if the slides are sold as a package with the textbook. On the other hand, the slides might be "teachers copy only"

    But my guess -- there is a license agreement.  The publisher web site might provide a clue. What do others think?









  • I agree with Carrie that the instructor should check to see if the slides were provided to them under a license that may restrict their use when they are no longer teaching from the associated book. If they agreed to terms when they obtained the slides, then these terms could trump rights they might otherwise have under the law, e.g. the right of fair use.

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