Question about hypothetically posting an entire work on an LMS

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  • Hypothetically speaking, could a classroom teacher post an entire work on an LMS system such as Canvas, Blackboard, or Moodle.  For example, could an 11th grade ELA teacher post Fahrenheit 451 in its entireity in his Google Classroom or Canvas classroom page?

  • I think it's impossible to make a good fair use argument for posting an entire work such as this one to an LMS. If we look at the four factors:

    1 - This is the only factor in our favor: it's for educational use, perhaps in a non-profit educational institution, and behind a password-protected wall, the ILS.

    2 - This is a highly-creative work of fiction.

    3 - You're using the entire work.

    4 - This is not a rare work. It's readily available on the market in a variety of formats. This use certainly replaces the sale of the work.

    So, no, not for this one.

  • I would also wonder why the teacher wants to do this. Sometimes there is another way to meet the teaching goal without copying an entire book.  Fahrenheit 451 is certainly available in the market place, and I would guess that there are many used copies available. 



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