Embedding YouTube videos in training modules

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  • Our Center for Learning and Professional Development (CLPD) folks are working on a training module on bullying and microaggression. They want to embed a  link to a YouTube video in their training module which is created using Articulate, a sort of a PowerPoint on steriods presentation system. The video is a short one on microaggression that uses movie and tv show clips to prove a point. See  


    Is embedding a link to a YouTube video ok without obtaining permission? I ask because when a user goes through the module the YouTube video appears within the slide, as if it is copied within the slide, even though the embedded link goes to YouTube. This is a training module restricted to current employees and isn't freely available. CLPD has asked the creator for permission to use who replied that he doesn't have the copyright to the entire content and directed them to copyright.com for clearance. 

    Alternatively they could just include a url link to YouTube which would open another browser window and the users would watch the YouTube video there, close the window at the end, and return to the training module. Clunky, right?

    Anyway, what are your thoughts on embedding?


  • In my opinion, not a legal opinion, I think it is fine to provide a link to another resource - in this case, a YouTube video. I think I would go the clunky route. 

    The unclunky way could be a fair use however, but we would need to know more about the CLPD, why they are using the link, are they charging money for the training, etc.


  • Without knowing the details of your system - YouTube embed code usually is just a linking mechanism that allows it to play within your existing window, using an iFrame rather than copying the file. Details at: https://developers.google.com/youtube/player_parameters

    You should, of course, check the full technical details of how your system works.

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