If I change the medium of someone else's work, does that constitute as creative freedom?

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  • I'm looking to create lithophanes of artwork I found online. A lithophane is a 3d printed image that can only be seen if you shine light through it. Does this fall under creative freedom or is it something that is against the law to sell? 

  • This would most likely be an infringment of the original artist's copyright. Creating the lithopanes from the original work would be considered creating a derivative work, which is one of the exclusive rights of the copyright holder meaning you wouldn't be able to do it without their permission.

    You could try and make a case that your use is a fair use, but based on the information you've provided I think that would be a hard case to make. You're using the entire work for commercial purposes and the works you're using are highly creative. There is also the potential that your works might dampen the market for the original works. All of those things would weigh against your use being a fair use. 

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