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  • We are a non-profit trade association that often presents our research findings and reports at conferences. I know that at least at our own conferences (which we charge for) links are often sent out for attendees to view presentations afterwards. Does the use of images that staff find on their own and use in their presentation in this kind of setting constitute as "research" or "teaching"? I find some of the unmanipulated images hard to justify unless one could say they being used in the name of research or education... 

    (btw, they are all in possession of a copyright policy that offers many places to to find images that they can use freely in presentations but some of these obviously are not taken from them)

  • In general, I think the use of the images sounds important to research and teaching.  For images that are not free, a fair use analysis must be considered, and generally I think most instances would be fair.  Use in published materials may required permission. Always provide citations!

    Say anything more specific is difficult without seeing the presentation and how the images are used.



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