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  • Hi, I have a quick question and would be very grateful if anyone could shed some light on the matter.

    I was thinking of printing some t-shirts and selling them using an imaging program that removes the face from a picture of a person and replaces it with the client's own. Now, I'm pretty sure you can't just take any picture and sell it, but what about the templates that came with the program? There's some celebrities and movie posters - can I use these on a t-shirt and sell the t-shirt? I paid full price for the program - does my purchase cover external use of the pictures provided?

    Thanks for any help.
  • The license that came with the program should let you know if you can do anything with the images that came with the program. If it doesn't, I wouldn't assume that I could use them unless you can identify the images and see if they're freely available for use in some other fashion.

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