Using clips from The Simpsons for an online course

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  • We are designing an online course which needs to use some clips from the show The Simpsons. Each of the clips we want to use are relatively short just for illustration purpose. I'd like to understand if we violates the copyright law to use them without getting the permission from The Simpsons. If it's ok to use for the course, what are the limitations we need to pay attention to?


  • This is a fair use question so my response is "it depends." You say that you have to use the Simpsons. Why is that so? Is your class restricted to enrolled students?  Does the Simpsons web site provide any images that the public can use without permission? Try the Copyright Genie" on this site under "copyright tools." This may help you decide if the use is fair.  I myself think the use is fair if you restrict to enrolled students only.


    Good luck!



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