What copyright restrictions, if any, would there be on literary works written by students and published in a school's literary magazine?

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  • A well-known, and now deceased, American author was an alum of our college.  While a student, they wrote a few short stories that were published in our school's literary magazine.  This is the only place these stories were ever published.  We periodically receive requests from researchers asking us to share copies of these stories (the latest pending request coming from outside the U.S.).

  • Protected by copyright by the author unless your school's literary magazine asked for his copyright. I would reach out to him or his heirs and let me know that people are interested in these stories. He might want to re-publish.  He should you let you know if he thinks its ok to make the occasional copy.  I don't think it a copyright infringement but especially because he is a former faculty member, I would reach out.


    Good luck!


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