Eductational YouTube Videos during STEM Programming

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  • Hello! I hope everyone is doing well during this difficult time. I'm using some of my work-from-home time to plan some children's STEM programming for when we reopen. My question is about whether I can embed YouTube videos into a PowerPoint that I will play during the program.

    I'm not actually downloading or uploading the videos, just linking to them and playing them one time in a learning environment. The PowerPoint will not be available for public use aside from being shown in the branch during the program. The purpose of showing the videos is purely educational and not-for-profit. The videos are presenting facts, but do also have some significant creative work put into them (cartoons and visual art to represent scientific concepts.) I plan on playing the videos in their entirety (they are about 3 minutes long.) It is necessary to show the whole videos for educational purposes.

    I wouldn't be negatively affecting the market for the videos- they have already received several views from me in the process of preparing the presentation, and I think if anything they would get more views later as a result of the program. Based on my reading so far, I think this would constitute fair use, but I would appreciate the opinion of someone with more knowledge on the subject.

    Thank you!


  • I think you are absolutely correct. Nice fair use analysis BTW


  • I think you're right. You can do it

  • Yeah. True.

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