using book covers and characters for bulletin board?

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  • My school's building theme is Chrildren's books. Each teacher will chose a children's book as the theme for their door and hallway bulletin board. 

    1) Can teachers put a photo copy of the cover on their board/door? 


    2) Can they draw the character to put on the board? 

  • Hello.

    Yes, absolutely a teacher can put a photocopy of the cover on their door and draw a character to put on the board.  Here the school is highlighting reading, and the students are learning about books that are available and that they might want to check out of the library and read. I don't know why it is would be a problem to draw a picture of a character.  This is done all of the time, and the picture does not replace the original or cause harm to the market. 

    I believe you can move forward with your Children's books plan without hesitation.




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