Circulating audiobook & print book together -- follow up question

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  • Hello again!

    Our Tech Services staff had some follow up questions to my previous post about circulating the audio and print formats of a title together:

    1) Does it matter that we would be inserting a disc from one publisher into the back of a book published by another?

    2) We may need to xerox pertinent information about the audiobook and then include that with the disc in the back of the books. Can we photocopy any part of the audiobook container and include that in the back of the book as well without violating copyright laws?

    Thank you again for any insight you can provide!


  • Hi Kelly:

    Yes, you can circulate materials produced by different publishers together in one lend as long as both were lawfully acquired.

    Photocopying small portions or only portions that are necessary to meet your need from the audio cases sounds like a fair use to me.

    I think you are good to go!


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