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  • I'm curious- what are people's takes on Google Print?

    One of the reasons I ask is a series of discussions going on in blogs related to copyright. Generally, most of the people involved in these discussions tend to be on the same page- but not this time, when people are discussing treating Google like a library.

    Copyfight Article

    I've left comments and blogged about the subject a bit as well. I would like to get the opinions of librarians, though.
  • I haven't given this a lot of thought because I am swamped with work right now. However, I took a very quick look at your link and think that what you posted there is correct. As you said, the debate about Google Print should be about fair use, section 107, not the library exemption, section 108. In my opinion, the discussion of Google as library is irrelevant.

    Whether or not Google Print constitutes fair use is something I don't have time to think about now. Hopefully, I'll get to it in a couple of weeks.

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