DVD & Copy Protection Technology

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  • If a person has requested and been granted permission by the publisher/copyright holder to upload a DVD to an online course management system, does this also give the user permission to circumvent any copyright protection technology that may be present on the DVD itself to prevent its being copied?  In one case, the permission has been granted but we do not yet know if we possess the technology to transfer content & associated files from the DVD to the CMS server.

    If we do have the ability to get around the DVD protection, are we allowed based on granted permission?

  • Great question. I would assume the best  - is the rights holder gives the permission to use the work that includes the ok for you to circumvent technology.  But I am not a lawyer. It makes sense that if the work is protected, but you have permission, you need to circumvent.

    In the real world, the rights holder probably does not know that the work is password protected, seriously. I have seen no mention of librarians asking and getting additional permission to circumvent in order to use a work. we certainly do not want to establish a precedent that makes asking permission even more complicated. 

    I would be interested in what others think.


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