Digitizing Local Music CD Collection

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  • The library has a collection of music CDs recorded by artists in the local area, gathered through donations and purchased to serve the local community. Some of these artists are big names, others are local bands which were active for a few years and are no longer performing.

    Recently a random sample of CDs was pulled from the collection and a number of them could no longer be read or had physical issues such as scratches that prevented them from being played.

    Replacement copies for some of these CDs cannot be found or are only available on auction sites or online stores for twenty times the original sale price.

    Would Section 108 allow the conversation of these CDs to digital files for preservation and security purposes? If the CDs were to be digitized, they would be stored on a hard drive in archives that only library employees would have access to.

    The wording of section 108 states that copies cannot be made unless the copy being replaced is damaged, deteriorating, lost, stolen, or in an obsolete format.

    Since they are CDs if they become damaged or deteriorated it will render the entire work inaccessible and unable to be copied for preservation purposes.

  • Yes, I think the unavailable damaged CDs can be duplicated.  A strong fair use argument is there as well.


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