Pre-loading mp3 players with iTunes music

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  • Is it legal for a healthcare organization to provide pre-loaded mp3 players with music purchased by the healthcare organization through iTunes or other like Music services? Basically the plan is to buy gift cards for iTunes, have a shared Apple ID at a workstation and to load multiple mp3 players with music the organization purchased. Will only be listened to by the patient privately in the room, not broadcasting over the hospital-wide system. Let's say we run into the same question about movies and TV shows (including providing DVDs for patients to watch or ripping CDs).

  • The use you describe may be against the terms of use for iTunes.  The business model is individual consumer oriented - personal, non commercial use only. The terms of use probably says "no reproduction or further distribution."  On the other hand, this is a low risk type of activity. Not an infringement of copyright law, but technically violation of a contract.

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