Photograph Copyrights

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  • Hello, I have recently gained permission to use photographs from various photographers. These rights were attained through written consent as well as a form which they have signed. I do not OWN the photo, but they have allowed me to use them commercially, in a publication. My question is, could I be in trouble if they then SELL the rights of the photo to someone else?
    Secondly, could I be in trouble if they have ALREADY sold the rights to someone else and withheld that information from me? 
    It seems to me that since the photographer took the photo, even if they sold it or sell it in the future, I am okay to use it as they have agreed to let me. I could be wrong on this. Desperate for advice. Thank you greatly.

  • You can use the photographs only to the extent that was provided by the rights holder.  You have no additional rights to use the photos in other ways, including selling the right thata you were given. The rights holder on the other hand can sell the rights to others as non-exclusive. So many other people may have negotiated the rights that you negotiated.

    Good luck!


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