Existing copyright question ("It's a Wonderful Life")

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  • Hello! I'm a published playwright mulling a new project with the title "Charles Dickens' It's a Wonderful Life." The Frank Capra/Jimmy Stewart original IAWL from the 40's *IS* still under copyright -- notwithstanding the fact that it fell into public domain for a little while near the end of the last century.

    So here's the question: Assuming I use no, nada, ZERO text from the original, different names, and scenes that are only mildly evocative of the original (e.g., in an early scene, a small town sheriff's office instead of Gower's Pharmacy), am I okay using "It's a Wonderful Life" in the title?

    Go ahead and opine; I won't hold you to it. PROMISE!

    Thanks, I *REALLY* appreciate your help!

    Charles Caratti

  • Sorry I am not sure. Because it is such a famous movie, there may be all kinds of other rights associated with it.  I would look to a IP lawyer. Perhaps you could start with your publisher?

    Good luck.


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